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Innovative Dental Implant Treatment in West Hartford

Senior african american man and his middle aged daughter embracingWhen you have a smile that’s complete and functions well, it can have wondrous effects on your health, confidence, and well-being. At the practice of Edward Karl, DDS, we provide dental implant placement for patients seeking long-lasting replacements for their missing teeth. Dr. Karl is an experienced periodontist who combines cutting-edge treatment with a patient-focused approach.

Whether you’re looking to replace a single lost tooth or an entire dental arch, we strive to make your treatment quick, precise, and as comfortable as possible. We also provide immediate implant placement, helping patients to quickly replace a lost tooth and regain a fully functional smile. To learn more about our treatment options and whether you qualify for dental implant placement, schedule a consultation with our office today!


Why Choose a Periodontist for Dental Implant Placement?

While many general dentists offer implant placement, choosing a specialist such as a periodontist offers many advantages. These benefits include:

Higher Education - Periodontists receive advanced training that focuses on the gums, jawbone, and other supporting structures. This gives them a higher understanding of how these areas function, which they rely on when assessing someone for implant placement and planning their treatment.

More Experience - Periodontists often have more experience in these types of procedures, including implant placement and bone grafting. As specialists, they typically perform more of these procedures each year than a general dentist, which gives them the ability to refine their technique and provide better treatment overall.

Innovative Treatment - Periodontists often have access to high-end tools and treatment techniques, allowing them to handle more complex cases with greater precision. Specialists prefer to stay at the forefront of their field and are always looking for ways to successfully deliver treatments that are more efficient, effective, and comfortable.

Immediate Implant Treatment

Smiling senior woman with new dental implants sitting in the dental office and looking at the mirrorFor some patients, we can provide instant relief for dental issues with immediate implant placement. This treatment is designed to help patients who have a damaged or broken tooth and will need it replaced.

After careful planning and the area is ready for placement, the new implant is strategically positioned into the bone. The immediate implant option is convenient and healing time is often shorter, as more of the healthy jawbone is preserved.

Benefits of Guided Treatment

Dr. Karl employs an innovative guidance system to deliver high-quality implant treatment. This sets him apart from many dentists and specialists, as few have the training or equipment to offer this type of treatment.

Guided procedures are well-controlled and substantially more precise, which offers many benefits. Treatment is easier, takes less time, and is much less invasive, which makes it more comfortable for the patient. In most cases, patients won’t even need sutures (stitches) in the gums. This also shortens healing time considerably, so you’ll be able to complete your implant with a custom restoration and enjoy your renewed smile more quickly.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you are an adult missing one or more teeth, you may qualify for dental implant placement. However, Dr. Karl will need to perform a thorough exam first to determine whether you are a good candidate. This exam looks at several factors, including:

  • Jawbone Strength – Dental implants need a strong jawbone to support and hold them in place. If the bone is thin or brittle, it won’t hold the implant over time. A weak jawbone can be strengthened with the help of a bone graft.
  • Gum Health – Your gums also provide vital support for teeth and implants. Advanced gum disease can even lead to bone loss, eventually causing implants to fail. Dr. Karl will provide high-level treatment for any gum disease before providing dental implant placement.
  • Overall Health – Dr. Karl will assess your current health and medical history to ensure that you are healthy enough for treatment and avoid any potential issues.

How Does the Exam Work?

patient looking at dental x-rayThe exam takes place in two parts. First, Dr. Karl consults with you to understand your situation, goals, and expectations. He’ll gladly take time to answer any of your questions and help you understand what dental implant treatment involves. He’ll then conduct a visual exam to help him formulate an idea of what your treatment will entail.

Next is the digital exam. This is done with a diagnostic CT scan, which creates a detailed digital map of your oral structure in 3D. These images are clearer, more precise, and more effective overall than x-rays. From the scan, Dr. Karl can tell whether your jawbone is healthy enough, how many implants you’d need, and whether there are any complications. He also uses these scans to carefully plan the placement and angle of each implant, creating a guide to be used in treatment for greater precision and a less invasive procedure.

What if I Need a Bone Graft?

Dr. Karl provides bone graft treatment using cutting-edge technology and a commitment to delivering exceptional treatment. For bone grafts, he uses high-quality materials such as freeze-dried bone, which preserves the bone in a way to promote more effective grafting and healing. Once healing is complete, your jawbone will be much stronger than before and ready to receive dental implants.

Experience High-Quality Treatment in West Hartford

No matter if you lost one tooth or need a full arch replacement, a restored smile could be just a visit away. Rediscover the joy a healthy smile can bring to your life! Dr. Karl and his team are ready to help you regain a confident, functional smile, and with our cutting-edge treatment, you can have it sooner than you may have thought possible.

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